Please note the amounts below are estimates only. The exact amount will depend on the length of the manuscript (MS), the edit intensity, the deadline, and if the author purchases additional consultation time.

Note that supplementary materials are separate documents providing additional guidance on addressing development concerns. In fiction, past examples have been revised chapters showing how to improve pacing and dramatic/romantic tension; possible outlines to integrate complex plots and subplots; sample timelines to help with organization; and chapter-by-chapter analyses for pacing and conflict. Nonfiction supplemental materials may include outlines, revised chapters, examples and excerpts of more effective approaches, etc.

Developmental Editing Packages

Click here for more information about developmental editing.


  • Best for budget-conscious clients
  • Includes a revision letter
  • Usually $500 to $700 for a 75,000 word manuscript


Single Pass

  • Great for clients who need a more comprehensive manuscript analysis and are confident in their ability to revise after one round
  • Includes a revision letter, two hours of consultation time, supplementary materials, and a queried manuscript
  • Usually $1,300 to $2,000 for a 75,000 word manuscript
  • Clients may opt to split a single-pass edit for an additional $500
    • Client receives a revision letter, consultation time, and supplementary materials first
    • Client revises and sends MS back
    • Client receives a queried manuscript with a revision letter



  • Great for clients who need help with craft concepts/organization before attempting major rewrites
  • Includes a revision letter, two hours of consultation time, and supplementary materials
  • Usually $900 to $1,100 for a 75,000 word manuscript

Double Pass

  • Best for manuscripts with serious development concerns needing extensive revisions
  • Great for clients who want a thorough review of their new material
  • Includes two rounds of the single-pass package
  • Single-pass split option not available for this package
  • Starts at $2,000 for a 75,000 word manuscript


Consultation/Coaching Time

Consultation time can be purchased à la carte for $65 an hour, and partial hours round to the nearest quarter (e.g. a consultation lasting two hours and seventeen minutes will cost $146.25). If you are only purchasing hours, note there is a six hour minimum.

Outlining and researching are billed at the same rate as consultation time.

Line Editing and Content Writing

Depending on the text’s condition, line editing a 75,000 word MS averages between $1,500 to $3,300. The author receives their line-edited MS, a revision letter, and supplementary documents (if needed).

Please inquire about content writing. Fees are determined by project scope, estimated hours to finish, and the amount of research needed to produce a high-quality product.

Fees and Discounts

If you’d like to forego a package’s included consultation time, deduct $65 per hour of refused time from the package price.

Line editing and the medium, single-pass, and double-pass editing packages have a 15% rush fee for deadlines less than fourteen calendar days away. A 10% discount applies for deadlines more than twenty-eight calendar days away.