Fiction Clients

I thoroughly enjoy working with romance and women’s fiction authors! If you’re struggling with complex story lines, characters, and universes, then I’d love to work with you. I’ve edited for first time and experienced writers (indie and hybrid both!), and I tailor my evaluation to your skill level and concerns. I can be your coach to guide you through your story setup, your editor to help you trim the fat and enhance the meat, and even your research aid.

I pay special attention to emotion, conflict, organization, the romantic arc, and world building—and my supplementary materials often reflect those areas of extra consideration. Romances in the science fiction, fairy tale retelling, urban fantasy, and fantasy subgenres are my absolute favorite, but #OwnVoices and dark romance come in close second. But whatever the subgenre, I excel at helping novelists extract and refine their work’s essence. If you’re interested in sharpening your craft and creating multilayered narratives, then request a test edit; we might be a great fit!

Romance Subgenres (Sweet to Erotica, All Orientations)

  • BDSM
  • Dark
  • Fairy tale Retelling
  • Fantasy
  • Gothic
  • Historical
  • Mafia/Organized Crime
  • Military
  • Motorcycle Club
  • Mystery

  • Paranormal
  • Prison
  • Science Fiction
  • Sports (including MMA/UFC)
  • Steampunk
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Time Travel
  • Urban Fantasy